Thursday, April 4, 2013

Blog Post 11

Ms. Cassidy's video is truly inspiring. It showed me that even as younger as first grade students can begin learning about technology. It was odd seeing such young students working on technology because some of the students in EDM310 are on the same level as Ms. Cassidy's First graders. Just imagine what these students are capable of in five or even ten years if they keep up this hard work! Using these technology resources are so useful to the students because they look at it as having fun not learning. So when they have to do a project or assignment then it is not work it is something they enjoy doing. I would love to use all of Ms. Cassidy's techniques shown in the video! Everything from Skype to blogs, to webpages to Nintendo DS (or whatever tool is in style at the time). The only problem I could see with so much technology is not being aware of the sites outside of the classroom. To avoid this, I would go through sites that should be avoided or give a list of approved sites.


  1. This post is very well written. You must have just forgotten to put in pictures and working links. Keep up the good work.

  2. "...because some of the students in EDM310 are on the same level as Ms. Cassidy's First graders." :)

  3. Hey Shelby,
    I think this post is written well. I also felt odd seeing First Graders doing exactly what I am learning now! I cannot imagine how advanced this children will b in 5-10 years. I cannot even do half the things these children are doing as well as they can! I'm slightly scared that our future students will be more technologically advanced than us.
    Kameron Strickland