Monday, April 29, 2013

Blog Post 14

David Streitfeld's article The Teacher Knows if You Have Done the E-Reading can be summed up as a software program at Texas A&M that tracks whether or not the students in the course are using the eBook. Developed by Pearson McGraw-Hill this software is called CourseSmart. The software actually allows the professor to see which of his or her students, opens the eBook, the chapter and pages in which they view and the amount of time in which the student reads or stays on those pages. The software is developed to give professors what they call, an engagement index. I think this would be a fabulous program for teachers and students to use! Students would be pushed to create a time management schedule so that they had access to the eBook. Some programs at South Alabama are currently similar to this one in the sense that teachers are able to see if you watch the videos and view the lesson plan. As far as notes go teachers are not able to view that portion. Granted when I took these classes, I had to have extra help because the eBook portion was not enough for me learn all of the components.

How well did this program work for you?
Did the students complain a lot about this new program?
Was it very successful?

Did you like this program?
Was it complicated to learn?
Was it beneficial to you, or would you have had a regular textbook?

This would be a very successful software I believe. It would help both the students and the teachers. As long as the students were given a schedule and enough time to plan at the beggining of the semester, then I see no problems with this software.

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