Thursday, April 11, 2013

Project #9 Final Post

Final Post: A final summary your PLN.

As I began exploring and researching more PLN's I found that it is not as simply as it actually seems. It is a series of trial and error periods to find out that the outcome may not even be a true out come. This will be something that will be continuously evolving and we will have to adapt as a society.

David Truss has been such a great resource to helping me with building my PLN and blogging in general! I have learned that like many things in life, you get what you give out of PLNs. If you put yourself out there and ask questions and for help/ advice then you are more likely to get it.

Sue Waters was also a great help on March 6th I began following her and within minutes we had a conversation going and she sent out a tweet to her 13,000+ followers asking them to follow me and mentioned me in the tweet. Within minutes I had gained several followers all thanks to one tweet asking for tips.

I think right now Twitter and blogger are my favorite only because they are so interactive. So many people are using them and it makes the connection unbelievable and unimaginable as to who you will get the opportunity to talk to from day to day.

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