Sunday, April 21, 2013

Blog Post 13

The video Mr. Chamberlain suggested, "Brian Crosby's Presentation at TedX" would be a great video for classroom learning. It could demonstrate how to bring topics in to discussion through different topics. I believe this would be a video better fitted for the upper grade or gifted students because it could be a complex concept for some students. If this was shown to younger students or wanted to be shown to younger students, then it could be altered by the teacher individually to fit the needs of that particular classroom.

Mr. Paul does have many interesting post and related articles in his blog. The only problem I would have with his blog is that Mr. Paul Anderson is a high school AP Biology teacher.His teachings and post are very helpful, for high school. But not everyone teaches high school. I myself am an Elementary Education major and many high school concepts would not even be able to be applied in an Elementary classroom. But Mr. Anderson's blog is a positive source for high school teachers.
Watching "Blended Learning Cycle" by Paul Anderson, I thought it was short sweet and to the point. I think his strategies are a great idea! They are wonderful for the students and the teachers for many reasons. The students get more one on one time and teachers get to know students more and have a personally level with them to build trust and learning. Unfortunately, like many suggestions from EDM310, I do not believe these are all changes that a teacher could make. Many of these decisions would have to be district wide and that would be very complicated BUT possible to accomplish.

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