Thursday, February 21, 2013

Project #10

Finding the Right Tool

For project #10 when I first began thinking about a technology tool I thought about what and whom I would be using it for. What would the purpose be? After I went through a few that are on my "favorites" list, I decided on one that I thought would be useful for this purpose that was not covered in this class. This was a little difficult because three of my top five tools are already covered in this course. My tool is called Groopt. Groopt is used to create free groups to privately communicate, schedule and share with the people and groups that matter most to them! This site can be used from a study group, to family, or any other group that wants to connect while still being private. It is a site that also has an app through the Apple Store and it is free! I currently use this site for my sorority (Alpha Omicron Pi). When I imagine what I could do with this tool for students or student's parents, I was excited! This site could be used for class information, updates, field trips, how the students are doing, and all while still being private. I did not have to do much searching because this is a tool that I already actively use almost daily. When I looked through some reviews they were positive (not a surprise)! I asked other members of my sorority how they felt about the site and everyone thinks it works better for us as a group compared to other sites we have tried in the past.

In order to be a part of this site, all you have to do is sign up. If you go to the website then click sign up then you select the kind of group you need. This site is free but there are options to upgrade available. I do not have the upgraded version. I use the free version and it is plenty.

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