Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Blog Post 4

My first podcast I viewed was Langwitches 1st Graders Create Own Read Along Book. As I listen to these first graders read the “Dinosaurs Before Dark” script, I could tell that they were trying to get into the story. It is great that at such a young age students are introduced to technology. The podcast was rather long for first grade but they kept the energy up! These could be a good tools to use to read books to students without actually reading. A teacher could play this podcast while showing the "Dinosaur Before Dark" book and then possibly make their own podcast with the class.

The next podcast I listened to was Langwitches Listening-Comprehension-Podcasting. First thing I noticed was that the video included another language other than English. I believe this was Hebrew. I can not speak or understand Hebrew but these young second graders do a great job of getting involved in the story and having such emotion. The second graders amazed me at how well they speak Hebrew for such a young age! The only word I really could understand was Ester but the students were great with such a new language and energy in the recording.

The final podcast I watched was Langwitches Flat Stanley Podcast. This was my favorite because these first graders are so energetic even in reading! The students speak so clearly and have such emotion in the recording. They used great description and I learned many new facts from their travels. This project is great for younger students because it is very creative and they can use their imagination. I liked Flat Emily who went to the University of Alabama and she learned to say "Roll Tide". She described the beaches and how the sand felt on her feet. This is a great project for the classroom and a way for students to use there imagination.

I would love to be able to use all of these ideas in a podcast for my classroom. I would even use these as examples to encourage my students to be enthusiastic and have such a positive attitude.


  1. "I would love to be able to use all of these ideas in a podcast for my classroom." Do it!

    Thorough. Thoughtful. Interesting.

  2. Hi Shelby,

    I completely agree, the students amazed me with their energy too. I also plan to use these in my classroom and help my students to create podcasts of their own. It seems to be an awesome activity which students of every age really get into.

    The only thing I saw to tell you to correct was the links to the blogs, so that readers can get to the sites!
    Great post!