Sunday, February 24, 2013

C4K February

My first C4K was an eighth grader who is in Mrs. Behm's class. Her name is Teresa and she is from Mexico. She has only posted twice. One was a short autobiography and the other was about "The Giver". Judging by the post, I believe the assignment was to either make an alternate ending or guess the actual ending.
I commented on the post about "The Giver" and told Teresa that I have not read the book in many years but that she seemed interested in the book. I also left my blog link and told her I was interested in what her class read next!

My second C4K is a student in Ms. Muhammad's fourth grade at Robbins Elementary in Prichard, AL. She has only posted twice but her latest post was about the AR book she was reading in December called "To Market, To Market". She said it was one of her favorite books and said a brief description of the book.
I left a comment on this post encouraging her to continuing reading so that she will become a better and more accurate reader. I also left my information and blog site so that she may visit it if she would like too.

The next C4K I did in February is a student from named Dartanian who attends Pt England School in New Zealand. She is a student in Room 14 with Miss Ouano. She has just started the fifth grade. I am a little confused as to how the grade levels work because as of December she was year 4 and February she is year 5. She is pretty active within the month of February with her blog. I did explore the class blog and I did like how excited the students were about using the netbooks and what all they could accomplish with them!
In my comment I left my information and told her how I noticed many differences between New Zealand and the American students. I mentioned how I liked that she included her family in her post. She also was pretty descriptive in her post with I complimented her on.

My final C4K for February is Teresa again from Mrs. Behm's class in Mexico. She has added a new post since my last visit to her blog and it includes what I believe is a wordle in the shape of a heart! As I mentioned before, Teresa is in eighth grade. Her latest blog post is entitled, "My New Vocabulary". Judging by looking at the paragraph and the title, I can guess what the assignment was. Most of the words are white but a few stand out in magenta and some in black. The words in magenta and black are the words that Teresa (and her class) were focusing on. Her paragraph was about a boy named Alex and his life.

I left Teresa a comment telling her I enjoyed her story about Alex and her high vocabulary word usage. She also had commented on my last comment I left and thanked me for visiting which was a nice surprise to see!

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