Wednesday, February 6, 2013

C4T #1

My first C4T was on Becky Goerend.

Becky is a fifth grade teacher she can be reached by Twitter @MrsBMG or by her blog.
Her most recent post is about a checklist her and her students created that they will use for writing. Instead of using a rubric for grading, Mrs. Goerend used the checklist that the class created. After the class completed the checklist the students each went over the narratives using the checklist to find and fix mistakes. After the students realized they needed to write with this checklist in mind, Mrs. Georend assigned another writing assignment. Giving the checklist to the students before they turned it in was helpful because they were able to compare their writing to how the teacher would grade it. In the post she list an example of her checklist the class created.

On her post I commented about how I think the checklist instead of a rubric is easier for students to understand. Sometimes when you give students an assignment to be graded, they will become nervous. With this checklist students will be focused on what to look for and fix so that they will receive a positive grade in the end. At the end of my comment, I thanked her for the helpful resource.

My second post for the first C4T was on a later post by Mrs. Goerend. In July 2012, her post was about how student always asked "How long does it have to be?" and teachers always think this means students are trying to do the least amount possible but what Mrs. Goerend found was that her students were only trying to get more information about the assignment and wanted to excel on it.

In my comment I introduced myself and told her how I always thought students were only trying to get out of the assignment without doing a lot of work rather than trying to improve their work. I also noted that this is a good point to think about.

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