Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Blog Post 3

feedback wordle

1. I like how in the video on peer editing it defines "peer" then "editing". Many people do not like to peer edit or do not do it correctly because it is a friend and they do not want to correct them. Well as the video discusses it, do not think of it as correcting. Think of editing as helping a friend out and making their work better. Remember to always keep a positive outlook when editing because you want to make it better not bring the peer down. Remember the three steps to peer editing as stated in the video. Overall the video was very helpful and had tons of useful information!
The slideshow, Peer Edit With Perfection Tutorial was very similar (almost identical) to video above. Once again, useful information.
I love that young students did this video! I think it helped them learn about peer editing while teaching others about it. I love how this is humorous while still informative. Even though these are young students, they know what they are talking about, these stereotypical students are in classes and they do not help with peer review, they are only bringing students down. So stay positive!

2. The "Assistive Technologies for Vision and Hearing Impaired Children" video is helpful. It made me actually think about children with vision and hearing impairments. We know they are out there only, if you do not have interaction with them daily, it is out of sight out of mind. One of the fist images really brings the video into prospective because it shows how the children see and hear.

The Mountbatten tool is a great resource for teachers to include all students into the classroom. I did not even know about this tool till I viewed the video, but now that I know about it I would want it in my classroom. If I have deaf or blind students in my classroom, I would push administration to have this resource so that all students would have a fair chance to learn and apply material.

The video "Teaching Math to the Blind" shows that the professor is very passionate about this topic. The staff working on this would have had to learn braille rules and how it works and such before they began altering the system of how it is writing. Also, you would have to have an interest to put this much work into any topic this extensive. I think it is very motivational that this staff is working on making it more of an even playing field in the classroom for the vision impaired students.

The iPad for Blind is amazing! I love that it is also done by a visually impaired person. It is very helpful for simple things so that visually impaired can also enjoy iPad and current technology. The next video on the mom is also a helpful video because she is only trying to understand how her child is learning on an iPad so that she can help her child more. In a classroom this tools might be helpful because they are tools to help impaired students that could be mainstreamed into classrooms. In the classroom if I had motives to, I would do all that I could to help the impaired students to stay on pace with the mainstream students. Just because a student is impaired does not mean they have to be left behind, we as educators should try harder to assist them because they have to try harder to learn the material.

3. Not even thirty seconds in, I notice the students are about middle school age. I also notice that Vicki Davis is the IT Director. To have an IT Director, this school must be very involved in the digital world. Until I came to college my schools never did more than YouTube videos and using Microsoft programs. The Harness Your Students' Digital Smarts video shows that students can learn at a younger age and that educators do need to teach them early so they are aware and know how to apply these programs in the real world.
This teacher has given students more than just a classroom activity or project. She has given these children a whole new perspective of the world and how to apply information. She inspires me personally to not under estimate students on age and just to begin teaching and see how it goes because you have to start somewhere.


  1. Great Post! I definitely agree with you on pretty much everything. Our blog post #3 is very similar with what we think!! I think all the technologies for the deaf and blind students is so awesome and like you said if I have a blind or deaf student I am going to push everyone so hard to try to get these technologies for my students. Once again Great post!